Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Magic Of Literature

I always thought that there is no magic in this life and everything that we watch in movie is only a nonsense fiction until the first week of my class for the subject 'Teaching The Language Of Drama'. This week I finally discover some kind of magic in this world. In that class I was taught about the overview of the history of theatre. I learned about the history of Greek, Roman and Medieval theatre that really amazed me. What I can share with you all here is that theatre was started by a great man name by Aristotle. He was a poetry and a person which inspired Greek people to explore the beautiful of the theatre which later separated it into two categories, tragedy and comedy.

Theatre during the Greek era is based on humanity and perfection in life. The Roman later stained the theatre by changed it from the play of humanity into some kind of evil sport that shattered lot of blood. This beautiful art later been polished back into a white sheet by Englishman after the fall of Roman. Unfortunately in this new and modern era the magic of theatre is no longer concern.

After the first class I been thinking a lot about theatre and I notice one thing. Our real life is actually a THEATRE! Don’t you think so? Our daily activities is our own play that been publish by our own characteristic. It is a magic don’t you agree? Before this I never realize about it until I was introduce to this subject.

I just notice that nowadays our theatre is exactly during the Roman era. It is a miracle when you see a recycle of life in front of your own eyes! People in this era are out of their mind! Whoever think that they are strong they will step on others. Israel, America and British are some of the example that shows the immorality of people who got power in their hand. This kind of magical theatre is already sick and dirty with the dirt from them.

I felt sad when I think about innocence people who play an inequality character in this theatre of life. This is one of the main reason why I would like to study more about theatre because by doing that I can see a lot of thing in different point of view.