Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bulan Ramadhan Bulan Yg Mulia...

Di sini sempena bulan yg Mulia ingin aku memohon kemaafan kepada rakan2 ku yg terasa hati atau tidak suka dgn apa yg aku kongsi di sini..ada yg ku sampaikan secara sinikal dan ada secara gurauan tp mungkin ada yg tidak dapat menerima nada gurauan yg melampau bagi mereka..aku benar2 kesal dan pohon agar kesalahan ku di maafkan...baru kini ku sedar kwn2 ku ada perspektif masing2 dan prinsip yg mereka pegang...bagi mereka apa yg mereka buat itu betul atau mereka dah berfikir secara matang namun di mata aku mungkin lain penilaiannya..begitu juga apa yg mereka fikir ttg aku...jadi harapnya agar selepas nie tiada hati yg terluka...kalau anda rasa anda tidak kisah hidup anda di bincang dan di kongsi bersama di sini mungkin anda boleh nyatakan persetujuan yg bertulis di sini..hahaha...apa2 pun aku ikhlas memohon maaf kpd yg terluka...Selamat Berpuasa dan Selamat Hari Raya!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Turning spot@starting point

A lot of thing had happen recently in my life...People who are real close to me know who I am now and what had turn out in my life..My REAL friend know the impact to my emotional state but everything happened for a reason aite??Let me share wif u somethin'...Since a month ago no more clubbing in my life,no more party girls in my phonebook(SORRY Farah,Nurul,Dekna,Ina,Suraya etc) n since last week no more tobacco that get into my lung...What happen to me??Do I really need to share wif u all??What can I say for now is I'm changing to a better person(perhaps so)All of this for you mama...

My friends....

I wanna share something about my friends around me...I never realize it before but eventually I been surrounding by people who has a lot of sense of humor...Like recently my friends had a fight because of something they call 'Levis'..Because of Levis they had a fight??OMG!!!!LOL!!N today Airis(my friend who involve in that 'dog' fight) wrote a blog wondering who he is actually...my friend who read his blog said something funny spontaneously..(Im a biatch who owns a levis..xoxo) hahahahahahaha..I laugh till my tummy felt really sick...Sigh..its funny when we see n observe people around us..Life is a joke n in the same times can be really meaningful...Appreciate friendship while you still can...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Study Smart Party Hard!

Now..now..let see...wut I been doin during this semester break?Working??Teeett!!!(part time job wif my parents bzness n wif my cousin only but that I will explain later) Hurm..I can say that almost every week I been party all night long!!Yeah..private party at condo n hotel(not really nice because most of my friends got drunk n I need to take care of them..sigh..wut is friend for aite?) n I also been to Blanc n Poppy finally but most of the time was at Loft..well Blanc kinda cool because I made up some friends there but Poppy?Not in my chart for 'one of the club u need to hook up' but wut da hell I can enter for free so I shouldnt complaint aite?During my 'visit' to the clubs I tried to learn some new n cool dance steps but its kinda hard so I need times to perfect it...erm...Well maybe I forget the steps already...hahaha...Wut I wanna share wif u is there are 3 things that I cant forget when I went to club..1st was when I was having a break during the 'sleeping mood remix'. I heard a conversation between a young guy n an unknown uncle. This uncle seems like a successful person n he was giving some advise to this young guy. It sounds kinda like this..'Owh you study in UTA huh??(for those dummy who doesnt know wut UTA stands for it is University Texas Arlington in US of course!!)..Well in US you should party like hell!!BUT u need to be smart!!U go there to study so u better make sure u not 'flank' ur paper! If u do, u are dumb but if u go there just to study n never party u are way than dumber!!So study smart dude but party hard!!!(the ascent was a drunk ascent so I leave it to ur imaginations)..kinda cool advise dont you think?Now for the 2nd thing, I learned that when I dance I just ignored everything n juz enjoyed the beat of the beautiful music that I like...I went to club wif my friends..All of them are chix n I felt like a fucking pimp(they even called me that for real because everytime I will bring 4 or 5 chix to club) even when I dance I been surrounding by some hot chix but I juz ignore them n dance alone(only sometimes when I feel something inside me calling for male urge than I will entertain them..hahahaha..fucking bad 4 a pimp aite?) Now the last thing that I will never forget was when I was dancing like hell, one foreigner really impressed wif me(hey why I feel that I juz put myself too high??!!damn!!!arrogance!!my bad!!!I'm sorry BUT this is for real) n offered me his drink which was of course a liquor!!I resist his offer in a nice way but he kept asking me to take it untill I need to explain to him that I never drink liquor n will never be..U should see his face at that time...So funny when he look so surprise..hahaha...Okay now one thing for sure..I really enjoyed my party life during this semester break..so guys n gurls..Study smart party hard!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm Back!U dont like me here??Go to hell!!

Hye guys!!Its been centuries since the last time I blog myself..Some of u must be wondering where the hell I been but here I am..Still breathing..One of the main reason why I was not around because of the stupid Internet connection...this 50s pc really got into my nerve!!Everything become slow n I need to refresh few times untill I can got into the website that I wanted too..DAMN!!!This is all because of the virus n ingenuine windows that I have..well...what do I have here??I really need to update myself wif people around me so U will be here from me soon(n plz pray that diz fucking old crap will not testing my patience)...I too have a lot of story to share..experience n enjoyment that I got from diz semester break...Till then..Sayonara...

Monday, May 4, 2009

139pts=Hey Bowling is not bow-ring at all!

Last Friday my family n I went to Mines to play bowling(but b4 dat I managed to persuade my parents 2 eat at sushi king..damn nice!hehehe!!) Again I play bowling after years...Last time I remember I played this game in JB but not really sure the exact time..I thought I can impress my family bcoze I used to play it. So we had a lil comp. btw my dad,2 of my brothers n me. Well like I expected I came first...hehehe...Tettt!!!Wrong!!First from behind!!I only managed to get 67 pts n got teased from the whole family!Damn!!So fucking embarassing!!
Last nite my dad asked me again to go to mines n play wif him..He even asked my uncles to teach us the technique(Wanna know why he really into diz game?bcoze diz sunday he will has a tournament arranged by his office 'PPD' n he even registered me in his team so ho doesnt me to embarass him later..LOL!!)
When we reached there we played one frame while waiting for our 'coaches'. This time I chose the right ball. I played quite well wif 14 pound's ball n able to achieve 87 pts diz time.LoL aite?In my opinion I think this game is not easy unless u know the right technique to do so.
When our coaches arived(Finally) we played under their guidance..Stance,aim n technique to swing..Almost everything..I kept 'WOW' when I saw how they throw the ball.Swing it like nothing n strike or sometimes spare..After four frames I managed to acquire points that I never ever imagine that I can get..139pts babe!!!That was really cool for me!!Not for u mayb..huhu..But hey u should impress this is the first time of me after I learn the right technique..
So lesson of the day?If u wanna do anything in a right way u need to know the right technique to do so..Right Shalin??

Genting Hihglands in genting situation and not so high at all

Early of last semester i thought that during this holidays i want to work in New Zealand wif my friend and planned to stay wif my mom's best friend but unfortunately she is coming back to Malaysia 4 a while:-( (i heard because her son going to get thru SPM diz year so need to focus wif her son..wish him best of luck!)
Then later i planned to work at Redang or Perhentian ISland wif my other friends but this time my parents doesnt allowed me to for several reason(i dont want to list down the reason bcoze afraid i will complain about it n later become an ungrateful son...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!) then when this holidays started i planned my plan C wif my frenz to work at gEnTiNg HiHgLaNdS..At first my parents quite reluctant to let me go for the interview but after i applied the power of persuasion i managed to get their blessing...hehehe...
I heard we can get a high pay if we work at genting n we can find a lot of opportunity there...I meant to find chix n work there..both..hehehe...But unfortunately when we went there I can't find any job that suit me..No job for Muslim Guy who wears spectacle like me..If i didnt wear spectacles then maybe i can work as security guard there..(need to get thru training camp for 3 months.WTF?!i only want part time job n furthermore im still a student..Havent fail any paper yet...Damn!!)It was so fucking stereotype!!!more jobs for vagina but less jobs for Penn-is!is this wut we call reversal glass ceiling?!
Hrm..mayb because of the economic situation in our country getting worse day by day so Genting Highland Corp. cant afford to take many workers under them..Too bad I really wanna work as Receptionist or mayb croupier?hehe..just kidding...Arse a conclusion I can say that Genting Highlands now in a 'genting situation' Not so Highland anymore dont you think so Lim Goh Tong??hehehe...
P/s:we went in peace..To find some fucking money but instead my friend lost his money...Motor kena tarik dgn DBKL la plak..hahahaha...Too Bad!!!Sorry Pokwe!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Semester end 'end' now?Long break for a broke guy!

7/1/09- At this time in my mind was only ONE thing!Semester Break PLEASE come as fast as u could!As fast as the hitchiker's fingers and bring happiness in my heart!
2/09-Clubbing and party like hell wif frenz!
3/09-Clubbing and party like hell wif frenz!
4/09-Clubbing and party like hell wif frenz(while having final exam)!
29/4/09-No money--->NO PARTY--->NO HANGOUT--->NO FUN!!
29/4/09-Oh GOD please make July appear from nowhere so i can enjoy again..can i?
(4 next semester?)Who knows?!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is it my last blog ever?

Early of this semester I had been assigned to write blog for my subject Teaching The Language Of Drama. Dr Edwin really an updated lecturer. He wants us to equip ourselves with the latest way of teaching. Last semester we need to write forum and this semester was blog. Really up-to-date isn’t it? Youngsters nowadays are more advance in technology than what I used to be. Yes it was so sad when I think about it. I used to be a youngster but now I’m an adult that will soon going to teach teenagers.

What was the requirement Dr Edwin wants for our blog? He wants it to be reflective! So I tried to be as reflective as I can and in the same time be honest with my opinion. It was fun because I can write anything that I want and in the same time I can comment on my friends’ blog. (It was compulsory. I love it!).

I learned a lot about blogging this semester and all the credits goes to Dr Edwin who is going to leave us forever I think. I think he getting fed up with Malaysia and people inside it. He needs some snow to make his life better maybe. Anyway I pray all the best for him and thank you for everything that. You had taught us valuable lessons and I felt a bit disappointed that I can’t learn anymore from you. Wish I will meet Dr Edwin in the future. Will I continue blogging after this? That is something that you need to figure out later. Adios!

One hell night in Euphoria!!

Last Friday my friend and I had to present our microteaching for pre and while reading activities. The class took about 4 hours and a half to finish. All of us need to finish our presentation. It was a torture for all of us. Can you imagine we been trapped in a cold hall like in a fridge for that long? (Well I exaggerated a little bit)

For your information, the night before I went to Euphoria to clubbing all night for the reason that after this I need to focus with my final. Need to enjoy myself a little bit and release my tension that I kept for the whole semester. Don’t try imagine how I was that morning because I was totally out. I thought that I will present early in the morning since I was the 4th person to present but I was WRONG!! The turn had been jumbled up and I need to wait for 4 hours before my turn. I just can’t stand it and fall asleep while waiting for my turn.

Luckily when it was my turn I still managed to connect my pre and while reading together. I taught my classmate about theme in the play ‘Dance Like A Man’ by Mahesh Dattani. I asked them to find noun phrases and from it they can see the theme of the story.

Some of my friends felt nervous but I don’t. I used to stand on stage in front of many people and furthermore my body was at his limit so I just want the class to be done quickly. The only lesson that I learned in this part of microteaching was you need to be good in connecting your lesson from one activity to another activity so your student can fully understand what you want to teach them. You need to guide them to get the answer that you want in a smart way.

Was it wrong for me to go to Euphoria the night before? I didn’t think so! It was one hell night of a party and enjoyment! Sorry Dr Edwin!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Street Car Name Desire in big screen, rated as one star movie for entertainment but four stars for literature!

This semester should be call as movie semester. Through out the semester I already watch 2 or 3 black and white movies. It really hurts my eyes because I prefer it in color but what can I expect from 60’s movies? That is why I still prefer to watch Elizabeth’s movie because it was colorful and the language still can be comprehend.

There was one time when we need to watch a movie of Street Car Name Desire and I found out that it was boring. I really can’t concentrate watching the movie and the whole time I tried to figure out why does the acting was so bad?

It was disappointing because I knew the story was quite interesting based from what my seniors told me before. I just realize that colored movie gave a big influence to people nowadays. If we need to choose between plain water or pepsi most of the people will choose pepsi right? They will lose interest in plain water even though actually it is good for health. That goes the same for me too, I knew that Street Car Name Desire is a good story in term of literature but just because of the color I lose my interest in watching the movie.

One thing I can guarantee you is I will read the play soon or later because most of the comment from my senior about that story was positive. Maybe after I read the story I will be interested to watch the movie. Pray for me please! Hehe.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One in a million

Last week Kee Thuan Chye paid a visit to UPM but I was very unlucky! He came on Monday, 12-2 and unfortunately at that time range I can’t make it. It was due to my commitment towards Putrafm. Yes I became a trial deejay for UPM’s radio station. You don’t want believe it? Up to you but this is what Dr Edwin called as jealousy. Hehe.

I felt quite frustrated because I was really eager to meet him (This is because for this whole semester I think only his play managed to make me eager to continue reading until the end). I think I did not mention that I read other story eagerly am I right? If I did please consider I was bluffing. Hehe.

I think Kee Thuan Chye is one of the Malaysian that truly Malaysian. Through his story I can see how he sees our Malaysia and spoke out his opinion honestly. I really want to ask him some questions such as who inspire him to write in a first place? How he perceive everything that he saw and convey it through his writing? Does he ever got any threat such as ISA detention or been charge in court because of his story that he wrote? Yes his writing in the play “The swordfish, Then the concubine” was quite controversy but interesting. He tells no lies but truth and that was the reason I really wanted to meet him.

From what I heard from my friends he was a humble person that has a sense of humor. Really open minded person and love sex very much! Haha. Kind of crazy person I think! I really hope one day I can meet him and ask him everything that I really curious to know. If you read his story and background you will find that he is really a Malaysian. You can only find person like him one in a million, or maybe billion. You want some proof? Here let me tell you something, he is a Chinese but his children’s name are Soraya Sunitra Kee Xiang Yin and Jebat Arjuna Kee Jia Liang. So Malaysia isn’t it?

Friday, March 20, 2009

The story of Oedipus The King and Anwar Ibrahim??

When I was in primary school around 1998 our country Malaysia learned a shocking news. Our Deputy Prime Minister, Dato’ Anwar Ibrahim had been caught by authority because of ‘so-do-my’ with his driver (which I can’t remember his name). That news gave a big slap to Malaysian people and it almost causes a great havoc to our country. At that time I was still small and know nothing about what happened around me except for one thing. Politics!

Wherever and whenever I went to any ‘warung kopi’ or mamak stall I will see a lot of politician and it was confusing because at that time I wonder why ‘mamak’ who is politician made a ‘the tarik’ for me? Now when I grow up I fully understand what happened back there.

I felt sorry for Dato’ Anwar Ibrahim but I don’t know whether he was guilty or not(but the latest trial I heard he was not guilty actually). I rather make myself an exception for this case because I can’t see any evidence. So better be silent and pray may God show us which side is right. Anyway I felt sorry for him because when he was accused for ‘so-do-mice’ he was a Deputy Prime Minister and almost become a powerful man in our country, Prime Minister!

I felt like fate was fooling him around. After 10 years after that he only managed to prove himself not guilty in court BUT he was IN prison for that all ten years. I don’t know was that a politic game or the case was real but I know one thing, he been fool by fate!

When I learned the story of Oedipus Rex I found out that both of these men have a similarity. Fate loves them so much and loves to play with them. For Oedipus Rex, he was such a pity king. He was born as a prince that going to become king but when the Teiresias told his father that he going to kill his father he was thrown out of the country when he was still small.

The funny part is later in the play he will still kill his father accidentally and married his own mother without realize that queen was his mother. Fate sometimes we can’t change it even if we try really hard to do so. When I learned about this story I notice his fate was similar with Dato’ Anwar Ibrahim.

Sometimes fate can be funny and cruel don’t you think so?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

15 minutes play + interesting for Dr Edwin = Shakespeare!

You feel eager to know why I wrote that equation for my topic? Can you imagine when you become a student in 2nd year degree in Chemical Industry and your assignment for that semester is you need to come out with a great formula such as nuclear formula? That was sort of the situation I been through.

My first assignment for this subject was I need to write a 15 minutes play and if I want to get a good mark it must be interesting. Interesting for whom? Not for you for sure. It must be interesting for Dr Edwin. You think it was easy? No! For me in Literature he can be compare with Roald Dahl. You should meet him. Not outside the class because he will be nice but you need to follow his lesson. He is a strict but indeed a great lecturer. He wants the best from his students and to do so he will squeeze everything out from you. Hey stop! Am I talking bad about him? No! Please don’t think that way. It was a compliment plus a little bit of complaint to myself. So back to business.

When I knew that I need to write a play I thought it was easy because I can write any kind of story when I was in a mood (I can’t guarantee you it going to be a good story). The assignment can be in a group of three, pair or individual. I choose to do it alone because I don’t really like when people edit my work and the story change totally. It can only be done if my group full with people that has a crazy idea but most of them already has their own group so I thought it was okay for me.

I was right when I said it going to be easy because I managed to find my mood to write a play but the difficult part was when I need to submit my draft to Dr Edwin. I was anxious that he will reject my story and found it boring. Thank god he didn’t think so. The only thing he commented me was I need to rewrite later part of my play. After I discussed it with my friends they said the ending was too quick and simple and “some of my dialogue sounds stiff” (This was a comment from Dr Edwin’s tutor, Mr Harold, Thank you sir for your guidance!)

Then I edited the story and made it longer but I hope it still a 15minutes play not 15minutes and 5 seconds. After I done it I gave it to my friend to help me to check my grammar. Yes I admit my grammar is not very good and I’m still learning so don’t put your expectation too high on me.

Finally I managed to complete my play that I reflected from the youngsters nowadays. The process was fun and sometimes it can be full of tense. I wrote the story for tertiary level because the story has some word and part that was not suitable for secondary student. More like story for 18years and above. It was about a man that has a perfect life and very good with his social life until he ignore the common sense of human. He will learn his mistake when something happen in his life. For me it was an interesting story but I didn’t manage to get interesting from Dr Edwin. It is okay for me because I felt satisfied with my play but I really admire some of my friend who got interesting comment from him. Their story was so nice and creative. Maybe they can be compare to Shakespeare one day? Who knows. Good luck guys!

Good teachercreative set induction.

In this semester our class needs to do microteaching for our assignment (Don’t you think we have a lot of assignment? Please tell me you think so). Last semester my group already done microteaching for the subject Teaching Of Short Stories and it was sucks because of Dr Edwin’s tutor who I really don’t want to mention in this blog really gave us trouble with his confusion teaching. Luckily this semester we got Mr Harold who was quite interesting even though sometimes can be very moody. Oopppsss!! Sorry!! My badmouth never know his limit. No insurance at all.

This semester we need to do microteaching on drama so we need to choose any drama that we had learned or from the book ‘Now Read On’ and teach the story to our own classmate. My classmate will be my student, teacher and my evaluator. Hahaha. It was funny I think because I can see how my friends going to teach their student in future. One thing I knew for sure, some of my friends were like having two characters in themselves, one as teacher and one as normal human being. It really amazed me at first but now I can cope with it.

One thing I learned from my previous lecturer was if we want to attract student’s attention and activate their schemata we need to prepare a creative set induction. Therefore as the first part of this assignment we need to present our microteaching in tutorial class which being conducted by Mr Harold. I choose a play which I haven’t learn yet because I think it is going to be challenging for me (after sometimes I think I was an idiot because it going to be tough for me to analyze the story by myself).

Dance Like A Man by Mahesh Dattani was a play which I chose for my microteaching. Why I chose that play? Because of the word ‘Dance’ really attracted me to explore the story. I love dance and I thought the story must be about dancing. So for my set induction I prepared a movie clip from ‘Step Up 2’ and showed it to my class.
The movie was really cool and I love the story.

Then I asked some of simple question for my classmate that later I can relate with my pre and while reading activities. They gave a very good response but Mr Harold corrected me because one of my questions sounds stereotype. It sounds like this “Do you think the girl in the movie clip looks like a prostitute?” Thanks to him I realized my mistake and know what I should do in future, more careful in constructing questions.

Well at least I managed to attract my classmate’s attention and they love the movie clip. This microteaching really helps me in preparing myself to become a teacher in the future because by doing so I can practice my teaching skills and discover what I should and shouldn’t do in teaching. Something that I realized in teaching was if you want to be a good teacher that can attract your student you need to come out with a creative set induction because it was the early part of teaching. Don’t you think so teacher?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Do you guys know who is Elizabeth the first? You may say that Elizabeth is your first daughter or your friend’s daughter or maybe your pet which you name Elizabeth and it is your first pet in your life. For someone who is a bit knowledgeable maybe you will say Elizabeth the first was the queen of England.

Yes! You are right! She was a queen of England and this time I’m going to write about her. Why I suddenly want to talk about the lady (she didn’t get marry so I can call her lady…well pity on her..feel very sorry…) who already under the ground for a long time?

She actually was a very significant person in England and important for their history. Last few weeks my class and I had to watch the movie (even though we stopped at the middle of the movie at the first time because my lecturer really pissed off at that time with us. Why? Can’t tell you!) about Queen Elizabeth the first(Elizabeth the Golden Age). It was an interesting movie. Seriously you guys have to watch it if you want some inspiration in improving yourself.

Can you imagine a woman who is very tough (I meant in a spiritual way okay?), brave, kind, wise and have some style used to live in this world? The more surprisingly is she was a Queen of England! Yes! The ‘Virgin Queen’! ( she entitled it because she never manage to get marry)

In this movie I found out that she fall in love with Walter Raleigh but her love never been reply. At first she really depressed and angry but somehow she managed to get through it and made a good decision. She put aside her personal matter for the sake of her beloved country, England.

You want to know what happen? Why her love did not get a reply? How she managed to get through it? What happened to England back there? Watch the movie and you will find the answer

The Chosen Prophet

When I was asked by my drama’s lecturer Prof. Dr Edwin Malachi Vethamani to read Oedipus Rex, I felt so down because I knew that task will be difficult for me. Can you imagine a millennium guy like me reading an ancient text? It is going to be tough and I knew I will sleep every 5 minutes when I start to read the story. Well the good news is I am going to have a bedtime story!!

Surprisingly for your information, I started to like the story when I studied the play because I felt attracted to the character in the story. This story evolved around the main characters such as Oedipus Rex, Jocaste, Creon and Teiresias. The character is the strength of the story.

One of the characters in the story which is Teiresias really amazed me. Let me tell you something about him. He is a blind old man that been cursed by Goddess Athena. Why he been cursed? Who was him before he blind? Eager to know?

When he was young he was a normal guy who one day accidentally saw Goddess Athena bathing while he was walking around. Such unlucky man he was. He had been cursed by Goddess Athena and turned blind. To make it worse when Goddess Athena knew that he was innocent she cannot take back the curse so she gave him a gift.

He became a prophet!! When he became old, Oedipus looked for his help. Oedipus wanted to find the murderer of King Laios so he needed the prophecy from Oedipus. There are other two interesting different tale on how Oedipus been cursed blind but had a gift to be a prophet.

You want to know the other tales? Well you need to work for it! Good luck! ;-)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cultural dance=Culture heritage

Last few years, back in my teaching college at IPTI i been active in dance preforming. I joined Zapin, Indian and Chinese dance. Let me be honest with you. I love dancing! Any type of dancing will do for me. I am ready to learn it if I have the chance. Before this when I was in high school I like to join the dance club but felt shamed to do so because my friends will said that I am gay if I join dancing club. When i was in IPTI I became more matured to know that dancing is not gay! Furthermore culture dance taught me something about the culture. I felt like culture dance is the soul of the culture. When I joined zapin group and performed for my college I really enjoyed it. I even can feel the culture song to synchronize it to my dancing move. Since that I was really interested in dancing. Later I joined Chinese dance group and performed it for my college. My next dancing lesson is Indian dance and I really loved it because of the movement which really aggressive and the song very enjoyable. What had I discovered after I learned cultural dance was I began to understand the culture of the race! And why is that? When I joined the dancing group I need to mingle with Malay, Chinese and Indian people so I can understand the movement of the dance better. I need to know better about their culture and the origin of the dance so I can feel the soul of the dance when I perform it. Every race have their own dance and they consider it as their culture heritage. We are Malaysian who live in multicultural atmosphere so it will be a waste if we do not learn about others culture and their heritage right? Every race proud with their own dance and I can guarantee you if u join the dance group and learn others culture dance it will be fun and enjoyable. BUT! You need to value the dance and find the soul of it. When it happens you can feel your body and soul been separated and you can taste the freedom from this corrupted world. The sad thing now is most of the young people nowadays never want to learn the culture dance and they prefer modern dance. They will lost their heritage and never value the pride of it. As a true Malaysian we need to encourage the youngster to learn the cultural dance.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Magic Of Literature

I always thought that there is no magic in this life and everything that we watch in movie is only a nonsense fiction until the first week of my class for the subject 'Teaching The Language Of Drama'. This week I finally discover some kind of magic in this world. In that class I was taught about the overview of the history of theatre. I learned about the history of Greek, Roman and Medieval theatre that really amazed me. What I can share with you all here is that theatre was started by a great man name by Aristotle. He was a poetry and a person which inspired Greek people to explore the beautiful of the theatre which later separated it into two categories, tragedy and comedy.

Theatre during the Greek era is based on humanity and perfection in life. The Roman later stained the theatre by changed it from the play of humanity into some kind of evil sport that shattered lot of blood. This beautiful art later been polished back into a white sheet by Englishman after the fall of Roman. Unfortunately in this new and modern era the magic of theatre is no longer concern.

After the first class I been thinking a lot about theatre and I notice one thing. Our real life is actually a THEATRE! Don’t you think so? Our daily activities is our own play that been publish by our own characteristic. It is a magic don’t you agree? Before this I never realize about it until I was introduce to this subject.

I just notice that nowadays our theatre is exactly during the Roman era. It is a miracle when you see a recycle of life in front of your own eyes! People in this era are out of their mind! Whoever think that they are strong they will step on others. Israel, America and British are some of the example that shows the immorality of people who got power in their hand. This kind of magical theatre is already sick and dirty with the dirt from them.

I felt sad when I think about innocence people who play an inequality character in this theatre of life. This is one of the main reason why I would like to study more about theatre because by doing that I can see a lot of thing in different point of view.