Friday, July 3, 2009

Study Smart Party Hard! see...wut I been doin during this semester break?Working??Teeett!!!(part time job wif my parents bzness n wif my cousin only but that I will explain later) Hurm..I can say that almost every week I been party all night long!!Yeah..private party at condo n hotel(not really nice because most of my friends got drunk n I need to take care of them..sigh..wut is friend for aite?) n I also been to Blanc n Poppy finally but most of the time was at Loft..well Blanc kinda cool because I made up some friends there but Poppy?Not in my chart for 'one of the club u need to hook up' but wut da hell I can enter for free so I shouldnt complaint aite?During my 'visit' to the clubs I tried to learn some new n cool dance steps but its kinda hard so I need times to perfect it...erm...Well maybe I forget the steps already...hahaha...Wut I wanna share wif u is there are 3 things that I cant forget when I went to club..1st was when I was having a break during the 'sleeping mood remix'. I heard a conversation between a young guy n an unknown uncle. This uncle seems like a successful person n he was giving some advise to this young guy. It sounds kinda like this..'Owh you study in UTA huh??(for those dummy who doesnt know wut UTA stands for it is University Texas Arlington in US of course!!)..Well in US you should party like hell!!BUT u need to be smart!!U go there to study so u better make sure u not 'flank' ur paper! If u do, u are dumb but if u go there just to study n never party u are way than dumber!!So study smart dude but party hard!!!(the ascent was a drunk ascent so I leave it to ur imaginations)..kinda cool advise dont you think?Now for the 2nd thing, I learned that when I dance I just ignored everything n juz enjoyed the beat of the beautiful music that I like...I went to club wif my friends..All of them are chix n I felt like a fucking pimp(they even called me that for real because everytime I will bring 4 or 5 chix to club) even when I dance I been surrounding by some hot chix but I juz ignore them n dance alone(only sometimes when I feel something inside me calling for male urge than I will entertain them..hahahaha..fucking bad 4 a pimp aite?) Now the last thing that I will never forget was when I was dancing like hell, one foreigner really impressed wif me(hey why I feel that I juz put myself too high??!!damn!!!arrogance!!my bad!!!I'm sorry BUT this is for real) n offered me his drink which was of course a liquor!!I resist his offer in a nice way but he kept asking me to take it untill I need to explain to him that I never drink liquor n will never be..U should see his face at that time...So funny when he look so surprise..hahaha...Okay now one thing for sure..I really enjoyed my party life during this semester guys n gurls..Study smart party hard!!!