Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cultural dance=Culture heritage

Last few years, back in my teaching college at IPTI i been active in dance preforming. I joined Zapin, Indian and Chinese dance. Let me be honest with you. I love dancing! Any type of dancing will do for me. I am ready to learn it if I have the chance. Before this when I was in high school I like to join the dance club but felt shamed to do so because my friends will said that I am gay if I join dancing club. When i was in IPTI I became more matured to know that dancing is not gay! Furthermore culture dance taught me something about the culture. I felt like culture dance is the soul of the culture. When I joined zapin group and performed for my college I really enjoyed it. I even can feel the culture song to synchronize it to my dancing move. Since that I was really interested in dancing. Later I joined Chinese dance group and performed it for my college. My next dancing lesson is Indian dance and I really loved it because of the movement which really aggressive and the song very enjoyable. What had I discovered after I learned cultural dance was I began to understand the culture of the race! And why is that? When I joined the dancing group I need to mingle with Malay, Chinese and Indian people so I can understand the movement of the dance better. I need to know better about their culture and the origin of the dance so I can feel the soul of the dance when I perform it. Every race have their own dance and they consider it as their culture heritage. We are Malaysian who live in multicultural atmosphere so it will be a waste if we do not learn about others culture and their heritage right? Every race proud with their own dance and I can guarantee you if u join the dance group and learn others culture dance it will be fun and enjoyable. BUT! You need to value the dance and find the soul of it. When it happens you can feel your body and soul been separated and you can taste the freedom from this corrupted world. The sad thing now is most of the young people nowadays never want to learn the culture dance and they prefer modern dance. They will lost their heritage and never value the pride of it. As a true Malaysian we need to encourage the youngster to learn the cultural dance.