Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Semester end 'end' now?Long break for a broke guy!

7/1/09- At this time in my mind was only ONE thing!Semester Break PLEASE come as fast as u could!As fast as the hitchiker's fingers and bring happiness in my heart!
2/09-Clubbing and party like hell wif frenz!
3/09-Clubbing and party like hell wif frenz!
4/09-Clubbing and party like hell wif frenz(while having final exam)!
29/4/09-No money--->NO PARTY--->NO HANGOUT--->NO FUN!!
29/4/09-Oh GOD please make July appear from nowhere so i can enjoy again..can i?
(4 next semester?)Who knows?!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is it my last blog ever?

Early of this semester I had been assigned to write blog for my subject Teaching The Language Of Drama. Dr Edwin really an updated lecturer. He wants us to equip ourselves with the latest way of teaching. Last semester we need to write forum and this semester was blog. Really up-to-date isn’t it? Youngsters nowadays are more advance in technology than what I used to be. Yes it was so sad when I think about it. I used to be a youngster but now I’m an adult that will soon going to teach teenagers.

What was the requirement Dr Edwin wants for our blog? He wants it to be reflective! So I tried to be as reflective as I can and in the same time be honest with my opinion. It was fun because I can write anything that I want and in the same time I can comment on my friends’ blog. (It was compulsory. I love it!).

I learned a lot about blogging this semester and all the credits goes to Dr Edwin who is going to leave us forever I think. I think he getting fed up with Malaysia and people inside it. He needs some snow to make his life better maybe. Anyway I pray all the best for him and thank you for everything that. You had taught us valuable lessons and I felt a bit disappointed that I can’t learn anymore from you. Wish I will meet Dr Edwin in the future. Will I continue blogging after this? That is something that you need to figure out later. Adios!

One hell night in Euphoria!!

Last Friday my friend and I had to present our microteaching for pre and while reading activities. The class took about 4 hours and a half to finish. All of us need to finish our presentation. It was a torture for all of us. Can you imagine we been trapped in a cold hall like in a fridge for that long? (Well I exaggerated a little bit)

For your information, the night before I went to Euphoria to clubbing all night for the reason that after this I need to focus with my final. Need to enjoy myself a little bit and release my tension that I kept for the whole semester. Don’t try imagine how I was that morning because I was totally out. I thought that I will present early in the morning since I was the 4th person to present but I was WRONG!! The turn had been jumbled up and I need to wait for 4 hours before my turn. I just can’t stand it and fall asleep while waiting for my turn.

Luckily when it was my turn I still managed to connect my pre and while reading together. I taught my classmate about theme in the play ‘Dance Like A Man’ by Mahesh Dattani. I asked them to find noun phrases and from it they can see the theme of the story.

Some of my friends felt nervous but I don’t. I used to stand on stage in front of many people and furthermore my body was at his limit so I just want the class to be done quickly. The only lesson that I learned in this part of microteaching was you need to be good in connecting your lesson from one activity to another activity so your student can fully understand what you want to teach them. You need to guide them to get the answer that you want in a smart way.

Was it wrong for me to go to Euphoria the night before? I didn’t think so! It was one hell night of a party and enjoyment! Sorry Dr Edwin!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Street Car Name Desire in big screen, rated as one star movie for entertainment but four stars for literature!

This semester should be call as movie semester. Through out the semester I already watch 2 or 3 black and white movies. It really hurts my eyes because I prefer it in color but what can I expect from 60’s movies? That is why I still prefer to watch Elizabeth’s movie because it was colorful and the language still can be comprehend.

There was one time when we need to watch a movie of Street Car Name Desire and I found out that it was boring. I really can’t concentrate watching the movie and the whole time I tried to figure out why does the acting was so bad?

It was disappointing because I knew the story was quite interesting based from what my seniors told me before. I just realize that colored movie gave a big influence to people nowadays. If we need to choose between plain water or pepsi most of the people will choose pepsi right? They will lose interest in plain water even though actually it is good for health. That goes the same for me too, I knew that Street Car Name Desire is a good story in term of literature but just because of the color I lose my interest in watching the movie.

One thing I can guarantee you is I will read the play soon or later because most of the comment from my senior about that story was positive. Maybe after I read the story I will be interested to watch the movie. Pray for me please! Hehe.