Monday, May 4, 2009

139pts=Hey Bowling is not bow-ring at all!

Last Friday my family n I went to Mines to play bowling(but b4 dat I managed to persuade my parents 2 eat at sushi king..damn nice!hehehe!!) Again I play bowling after years...Last time I remember I played this game in JB but not really sure the exact time..I thought I can impress my family bcoze I used to play it. So we had a lil comp. btw my dad,2 of my brothers n me. Well like I expected I came first...hehehe...Tettt!!!Wrong!!First from behind!!I only managed to get 67 pts n got teased from the whole family!Damn!!So fucking embarassing!!
Last nite my dad asked me again to go to mines n play wif him..He even asked my uncles to teach us the technique(Wanna know why he really into diz game?bcoze diz sunday he will has a tournament arranged by his office 'PPD' n he even registered me in his team so ho doesnt me to embarass him later..LOL!!)
When we reached there we played one frame while waiting for our 'coaches'. This time I chose the right ball. I played quite well wif 14 pound's ball n able to achieve 87 pts diz time.LoL aite?In my opinion I think this game is not easy unless u know the right technique to do so.
When our coaches arived(Finally) we played under their guidance..Stance,aim n technique to swing..Almost everything..I kept 'WOW' when I saw how they throw the ball.Swing it like nothing n strike or sometimes spare..After four frames I managed to acquire points that I never ever imagine that I can get..139pts babe!!!That was really cool for me!!Not for u mayb..huhu..But hey u should impress this is the first time of me after I learn the right technique..
So lesson of the day?If u wanna do anything in a right way u need to know the right technique to do so..Right Shalin??

Genting Hihglands in genting situation and not so high at all

Early of last semester i thought that during this holidays i want to work in New Zealand wif my friend and planned to stay wif my mom's best friend but unfortunately she is coming back to Malaysia 4 a while:-( (i heard because her son going to get thru SPM diz year so need to focus wif her son..wish him best of luck!)
Then later i planned to work at Redang or Perhentian ISland wif my other friends but this time my parents doesnt allowed me to for several reason(i dont want to list down the reason bcoze afraid i will complain about it n later become an ungrateful son...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!) then when this holidays started i planned my plan C wif my frenz to work at gEnTiNg HiHgLaNdS..At first my parents quite reluctant to let me go for the interview but after i applied the power of persuasion i managed to get their blessing...hehehe...
I heard we can get a high pay if we work at genting n we can find a lot of opportunity there...I meant to find chix n work there..both..hehehe...But unfortunately when we went there I can't find any job that suit me..No job for Muslim Guy who wears spectacle like me..If i didnt wear spectacles then maybe i can work as security guard there..(need to get thru training camp for 3 months.WTF?!i only want part time job n furthermore im still a student..Havent fail any paper yet...Damn!!)It was so fucking stereotype!!!more jobs for vagina but less jobs for Penn-is!is this wut we call reversal glass ceiling?!
Hrm..mayb because of the economic situation in our country getting worse day by day so Genting Highland Corp. cant afford to take many workers under them..Too bad I really wanna work as Receptionist or mayb croupier?hehe..just kidding...Arse a conclusion I can say that Genting Highlands now in a 'genting situation' Not so Highland anymore dont you think so Lim Goh Tong??hehehe...
P/s:we went in peace..To find some fucking money but instead my friend lost his money...Motor kena tarik dgn DBKL la plak..hahahaha...Too Bad!!!Sorry Pokwe!!!