Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm Back!U dont like me here??Go to hell!!

Hye guys!!Its been centuries since the last time I blog myself..Some of u must be wondering where the hell I been but here I am..Still breathing..One of the main reason why I was not around because of the stupid Internet connection...this 50s pc really got into my nerve!!Everything become slow n I need to refresh few times untill I can got into the website that I wanted too..DAMN!!!This is all because of the virus n ingenuine windows that I have..well...what do I have here??I really need to update myself wif people around me so U will be here from me soon(n plz pray that diz fucking old crap will not testing my patience)...I too have a lot of story to share..experience n enjoyment that I got from diz semester break...Till then..Sayonara...


  1. cipan la ko... aku ingat ko da tade....

  2. dudeee.....welcome back...sriously...u r thinner than b4...huhu

  3. finally.
    updates updates!haha..